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Item Code: AJC016

The fob is set with a Carnelian and it is no accident that this gem stone was chosen for the adornment.  The fob has fabulous ornate hand engraved detailing.

In ancient times Carnelians were given to those who needed to become bold.  Warriors wore Carnelian around their necks to give them great physical power and courage.

This gem stone was also used to show the higher rank of the Egyptian master architects. At one time it was believed to prevent illness and the Plague.

The Carnelian is beautifully engraved with the initials what appear to be M D.

The colour of carnelian a deep subtle deep orange brown. This stone is attributed with many qualities such as endurance, leadership, courage and motivation.

It is also said to attract prosperity and bring good luck.  

The dark reddish brown hues are associated with the male energy stone.

Wearable as a simple pendant, or a great addition to your charm collection.

The whole piece is elegant and in excellent condition.

A wonderful antique Edwardian charm, truly sweet delight, steeped in English history.

Charms of this type are highly collectable and are sought after worldwide.

Weighs:           2.3 grams
Overall Design:   6mm x 10mm

Sure to catch admiring glances!

All pictures are completely unedited but are zoomed in to show all detail.

Please note that photographs are significantly bigger than the actual item and show any blemishes up more than in real life.

Only £235.00

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