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Here at Adamas Antique Jewellery we understand that buying an item of jewellery can sometimes be a little daunting.  We are more than happy to  advise and help you in making your purchase by providing you with as much information as possible in order for you to make the right decision.

Diamond jewellery in particular can be very confusing, especially an engagement ring.  Diamonds are detailed by the four C's which is explained as follows:

Four C's

Cut is the only one of the 4 c's that is influenced by the human hand,  the other 3 are all created by the natural formation of the Diamond in the earth.
When a Diamond is cut perfectly the facets are arranged in precise formations and proportions, this is what gives the Diamond a fantastic fire and sparkle as the light going through the Diamond can perform to its best.

At Adamas Antique Jewellery we handpick the Diamonds which have the best cut.
Carat is often confused with size, but it is actually a measurement of weight.
The cut of a Diamond can make it appear to be larger or smaller than its weight.   It's often assumed that a 2.00ct Diamond costs twice as much as a 1.00ct Diamond, however this isn't the case.
The colour of a Diamond is the one thing that you can see instantly.
D colour is the whitest possible in a Diamond, it's also rarest, and because of that is more expensive than other white Diamonds.
A white Diamond is classed as H colour, therefore anything above this is brighter than white.
At Adamas Antique Jewellery we recommend that you choose a diamond from D to G colour to ensure that you have the whitest brightest Diamond possible.
White Diamonds are the most popular choice, but they also come in an array of natural fancy colours.  The most popular choices for a fancy coloured diamond are yellow and pink, however they come in every colour.
A Diamonds clarity is a measure of the natural blemishes inside a diamond, that has naturally occurred when the Diamond was created inside the Earth.

Adamas Antique Jewellery recommends that you choose a clarity between IF and VS2. This means that any inclusions that are inside the Diamond aren't visible to the naked eye, and won't affect the performance of the light inside the Diamond, meaning you get all the fire and sparkle possible from your Diamond.
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